How to turn off 2 step verification to use SketchupPro?

Seems like every 3 or 4 times I use SketchupPro, it forces me to log in on their website and then insists on sending me a code to allow my program to be usable. How can I turn that off so I can use my software offline?

Maybe it has something to do with the SketchUp version you are using. SketchUp 2024 has not yet been released.
Screenshot - 1_13_2024 , 2_17_11 PM

Dave, Sorry! Should be v23.0.418.

Any clue how to turn off 2 step verification?

Screen Shot 2024-01-13 at 4.14.49 PM

I don’t believe there is any way to turn it off. You should only be required to authenticate your subscription once every 28 days.

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Actually, you can remove the 2 step verification

here, on your trimble account page.
It won’t remove the monthly login, but at least you won’t need to get a code sent to you by text or anything. you’ll just do the classic email / password thing.

the 28 days check-in is not removable, it’s part of the joy of having a subscription that doesn’t require a permanent connexion. just once per month.

Where on that page is the option to remove the multi factor sign-in? I don’t see any security or other options,

right now, I don’t have it turned on. But I could click on the Set up link next to SMS phone number. It’ll ask me for my password, then a phone number, it’ll send me a code, and it’ll turn on two-factor login.

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This is what it looks like with 2 factors turned on.
To turn it off, just click on the blue thing next to Enabled

It’ll ask for your password, then send you a last code by SMS, and then you’re done, no more double authentification.

If you do setup MFA, it is strongly advised to set up at least a recovery email address as well, in case you loose your phone.
Otherwise, you need to contact support, which always takes some time…