Login Pains

I am just wondering what is happening here. We have subscribed to SketchUp pro for a few years now and have recently been having trouble with SketchUp2022 has logged itself out and asking for login again.

Here is the pain point,

  1. You are outside without an internet connection and behold Sketchup has logged out now in order to log in pop your phone out, hotspot the connection, Trimble sends you to text for two-factor authentication and Trimble lands you back on the same login page again. WHAT!!!

  2. Now you repeat step 1 and Trimble says you have tried too many times.

  3. You close everything down and start again and you are in.

Trimble is taking such simple software far too seriously to prevent a cracked version. Just attach authentication to MAC address and have at least 5 days of operation without internet. Rhino handles it well why can’t Trimble?