Urban Building Energy Modeling

I am currently doing my research in the field of urban building energy modeling.

i.e. Energy simulations for multiple buildings together (city scale)

Would like to know whether “Sefaira” would help with that. Also, whether Sefaira supports GIS exchanges (i.e. ability to extract information from Open Street Map), is another clarification required

Hi @1609omprakash

Thanks for writing in. While Sefaira can run energy simulations for multiple buildings (maybe 5-10 buildings at one go, but depends on the complexity of the geometry of course). I have yet to see anyone run simulations on whole cities.

Secondly Sefaira does not support GIS exchanges directly. You can however bring in building geometry into SketchUp using Open Street Map >> properly tag the surfaces for Sefaira analysis and run the analysis once all the tagging is done properly.

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Thanks for that @niraj.poudel! Well clarified.
Would happy to know entrance of some plugin to do urban level energy modeling in future

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