Sefaira - Full LEED?

Hi - Sefaira is billed as an “early stage” modeling program. Can it do a full model to simulate the entire design, enough to do baseline building, ASRHAE 90.1, and full LEED simulations?

Thank you!

Hi @jrsnider, Yes you are right, in that Sefaira is an “early stage” modeling program. While Sefaira does have the Ashrae 90.1 Appendix G systems built in as templates, and you can apply them on your projects for early stage analysis, not all inputs are surfaced to the user in the Sefaira interface. The There are logical defaults built in. The project that you upload from SketchUp into the Sefaira web interface is automatically converted into an Energyplus project with the Appendix G HVAC template of your selection, along with the design loads (occupancy load, LPD, PLD) that you specify applied to the zones in the project. You can then export the energyplus input file (.idf) that Sefaira creates and can then run a full fledged LEED and ASHRAE 90.1 baseline building analysis but this would have to take place natively in Energyplus.

I hope this helps?

Hi Niraj,

Yes, your response is immensely helpful!

Thank you so much!