Sefaira main questions

Dear All,

If could you help me with some questions about Sefarie please do it:

  • is there a trial for the software (plugin and web app)?
  • can the simulation give me hourly data for a year (8760 data for consumption: heat, electricity, other)?
  • can I export gbxml file from my model in sketchup plugin or in the web app?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Norbert,
Thanks for your questions!

  1. Yes Sefaira is now part of SketchUp Studio and included in the SketchUp trial. If you already have SketchUp please raise a support ticket with a request to trial Sefaira.
  2. Yes, kind of. Sefaira outputs an idf file which can then be run locally in EnergyPlus and set up to export any hourly data you want. We have help pages to teach you how to do this.
  3. There are other free applications (OpenStudio) that can import our idf geometry and then export to GBXML. Sefaira does not do this for you but it’s fairly straight forward.
    Hope that helps.
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