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I´m currently using trial version of Sketchup + Seifara and seriously considering purchasing it. But I´m concerned about how help and support for Sefaira is like for paid users. Here are my points:

Apparently there´s no support team dedicated to Seifara, as it´s a part of SU now.
Comments from years ago on help pages simply weren´t answered.
Some help pages offer outdated information, as the one that refers to EnergyPlus reports output, which apparently aren´t available anymore. (Outputs - Energy Plus and Loads Output Exports – Sefaira Support)

As a professional and researcher, I find Sefaira an outstanding piece of software, and wish to use it for serious purposes, But it´s kind of frustrating not to have enough confidence to invest on its purchase, due to the apparent lack of support and help updates.

As a trial user I can´t send a direct message, so I hope someone from support team can put away my bad impressions.

Allan Prado

Hi Allan,

Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it.

The support article is out of date and we will fix it promptly - thank you for bringing it to our attention. We’re in the process of cleaning up our support articles and migrating them across to SketchUp help so they are all in one place.

As a trial user you are welcome to submit support tickets via the SketchUp help page. Support tickets submitted there do get forwarded to specialist Sefaira support agents and we do our best to reply to issues. We are not in a position to make promises relating to help but we do try and address issues.

I see you also made a separate forum post which has hopefully addressed most of your issues.

Thanks again for your time submitting this feedback and your interest in Sefaira.

best regards,


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Great question. As a user, my experience has been that the Sefaira SU team is hands down the best in the industry. Having worked with IES, Openstudio, covetool and Autodesk there is no comparison with Sefaira. I’m going to say it again Sefaira support is HANDS DOWN THE BEST! You should think of the merger of SU and Sefaira as the best of both worlds – at least it has been for our team. The breadth and scale of SU, the depth and knowledge of building physics of the Sefaira team.

Whenever we have a question we get a direct response back to our team in couple of hours. Our experience with the Sefaira folks including @HNatarajan and @niraj.poudel is nothing short of stellar.

When you signed up you should have received an intro email to contact your CSM, or Customer Success Manager. Use that! You will not be disappointed, real people with real knowledge and willing to help solve whatever technical problem you might have.

My question to you @donadesapa : what are you waiting for, you should invest in Sefaira!

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