Sefaira Plugin - I can't find the plugin anywhere to download

Hi there.

My company has a Sefaira licence which I have been using in Sketchup. However we wish to use it in Revit which it claims to do, but i can’t find the plugin anywhere. Can someone please post a link to the Sefaira Revit Plugin?

I posted this in a Revit support forum and they said “it doesn’t appear that they have an add-in for Revit. Try the support forum for Sefaira”

Any help much appreciated

It’s on the sefaira web app

Hi @oilivesrhandjasmax
There is something up with zendesk at the moment - this link should work for you. Section 2B: Accessing Sefaira with the Revit Plugin – Sefaira Support

If you need the sketchup plugin this is the link to use for now:

Thank you!

Our issues should now be resolved so teh plugins are once again available at


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