Uploading a Company Logo into a Sketchup Layout File

I have a company logo which I believe is in Vector and PDF format. When I try and upload it into the Layout Drawing I am using and reduce its size it goes blurry. Even when converted to JPEG format it went blurry.

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Look at Document Setup>Rendering. What is the setting for Image Display Quality?

Screenshot - 6_4_2024 , 11_51_38 AM
That will lower the display quality to reduce the load on your graphics card and improve performance. It does not mean the image will be blurry in the export.

FWIW, don’t make the image you are importing any larger than it needs to be for the size it will be displayed on the page. Making it larger just winds up bloating the file and giving you a performance hit with no upside. If you’ve sized the image correctly you shouldn’t need to resize it after inserting it into the LO file.

What formats can you get the logo in? I converted a company logo into a DWG via illustrator and then dropped it in Sketchup, I could then insert this model in LayOut and by selecting Vector, get the fill for elements such as “O” - shapes with holes!

Sorry for late reply. Thanks Richard and Dave for your input. I ended up going back to the Graphic Artist who converted the file to EPS which I never heard of before but it worked. Still much to learn in regards to Sketchup.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.