Imported logo image blurred in Layout while scaling

Hello, I’m trying to import a logo file into Layout (Mac version) and unfortunately, no matter what format I use, the image gets blurred when I try to scale it down. I have tried importing JPG, PDF, EPS and PNG files both transparent and with background colour but nothing seems to fix it. I know raster images gets pixelated while importing, but I have tried with EPS and I still see the same issue. I’m wondering if this is something to do with the size of the image which is quite large.

Does anyone know how to fix the issue? Thanks!

You can change the display quality in Document Setup>Rendering. Keep in mind setting it to High can slow things down. The Display Resolution has nothing to do with Output Resolution so before you bother setting Display Resolution to High, try exporting the file to see what it’ll look like.

Thank you so much - that worked!!

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