Imported image printed to PDF bad resolution in Layout

Hi, I have imported a high res PNG image into layout for a drawing border, but when I print the layout page to PDF the image comes out blurry. This is not an image in Sketch up, this is purley a Logo image that I import into layout. No matter the size of the image it still comes out the same. see attached the original image file and the PDF that is created when I print.

Untitled.pdf (120.3 KB)

I have tried going into the document settings and changed the output resolution to High, but this makes no difference.

Can anyone help?

Print or Export? If you are exporting to PDF, you could try disabling JPG compression of images. Your PDF printer might have similar settings hidden in its print settings dialogs.

Hi Anssi,
I print. The printer I then select is Adobe PDF.
I have tried the export to PDF and seen the ‘compress JPEG’ settings and unticked it and the image quality was much better.
I also tried using a different printer and selected the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ printer and this again was a lot better quality.
So the question is now, what settings could I change on the printer ‘Adobe PDF’ to stop that from printing the image blurry?

Many Thanks

What resolution do you have set in the Printing preferences (Advanced button on the Paper/Quality tab? Mine is set to 1200 DPI. I have an old (CS5) version of Adobe PDF, it might look different in newer ones.

Hi Anssi,
I know the settings you are on about and I already moved the DPI up to 4000 but that was for the original upload PDF in my post to show the Blurry image so it wasn’t this that was the issue.
Many Thanks,

How large in pixels is the actual image you have? The image you shared is only 1181 x 565 on the forum.

Hi DaveR,

That was correct and has set me on the path to the answer. I have used an upscaler to increase the pixel size of the image and when I now print it using print to PDF it has now solved the problem and the image is no longer blurry.

Thank you both very much for your time.

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