Exporting some files coming out blurry - losing my mind please help

If anyone can help me with this they will be saving me some severe grief. I’ve been trying for hours to fix it.

Layout 2022 is exporting my files fine, all drawings and pictures coming out in perfect quality, apart from the drawing stamp in the corner is coming out completely blurry. I have tried creating a new doc and adding the stamp and it comes out fine. If I then add in all the other details it goes blurry again.

I’ve tried doing it in 2021 version…

This stamp has been used on all my projects and been fine. On someone else’s Layout it comes out fine in both print and pdf export - exactly the same file.

Please God help I’m losing the will to live as well as an expensive keyboard. Happy to share files, the information contained in them must not be used for anything other than offering help with the issue.


Is your Export resolution set to anything else than High? Do you have JPG compression turned on for your exports? Both these can cause blur.

I’m using those setting and the result is the same as the original post.

All other images come out fine. The stamp is a high quality 300dpi res PNG. It comes out completly fine on a new file separate. If i add in the rest of the drawing it comes out blurry

You might find that there’s a memory issue here.
I would suggest quitting as many other open applications as you can, closing and reopening Layout and then trying another export.
If those three images are full res digital pics you might have 50mb of images in that one file.
Good luck!