Updating scenes in 'color by layer'

Hi All,
I am having a niggly problem trying to maintain the 'color by layer ’ option in some of my scenes.
Each time I change scene and revert back to the previous one, the color by layer option is off and I am back to monochrome.
I have updated the scene in each case, but the program doesn’t retain this piece of information.


Are you updating the style? You should be getting a warning about the style needing attention when you make a change of that sort and update the scene (if you haven’t already updated the style). If you aren’t getting that warning, go into Preferences>General and turn it on.

Are you still using SU2017 Pro as indicated in your profile?

Thanks, Dave. that’s sorted it.
I was only updating the scene, not the style.
What happens if I want a scene in ‘shaded with texture’ will the other scenes retain the ‘color by layer’ properties?

Still using 2017 pro.



Make sure you have that warning message set to pop up when you create or update scenes after editing the style. And choose one of the first two options as appropriate.

Set the style accordingly, update the scene and when you get the warning, choose Save as new style.

Screenshot - 3_22_2021 , 10_26_43 AM

Pay attention as you are modeling and working through scenes. Avoid creating a bunch of new identical styles. If you get the warning and you know you already have an appropriate style in the model, choose Cancel and select that style from the In Model collection.

Got it!
That box was unchecked. All good now, many thanks.

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Good deal.

I kind of wish they’d remove the option to turn it off. Seems to be human nature to turn off warnings without understanding the implications.