Updating Layout files to newer version

Wondering if there is a trick to maintain Layout files when the program is updated to the latest version? I would assume it would automatically bring everything up to date but that doesn’t seem to be happening.
Thank you!

You should be able to open older LayOut files in a newer version with no problem. What doesn’t seem to be updating?

Thanks Dave! I’ve had an issue where the layers don’t get carried over. Unfortunately I have just restarted the file so I don’t have it anymore. Perhaps it was just a one-time glitch. If it comes up again, I’ll check back in with the files.
Thank you!

So layers in the existing LayOut file aren’t showing when you open it in LayOut 2021? That would be very odd. Do you still have the previous SketchUp/LayOut version installed?

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I do yes! Could that be part of the issue you think?

No. That shouldn’t have any effect. I was thinking if you see this sort of thing again, close LO without saving the file and open it in the older version and see if you see the same thing.

Well the first thing to check is whether or not you are actually launching LayOut 2021, or your earlier version

There’s an issue in Windows, for some people, where SketchUp 2021 install correctly associates all .skp files with SketchUp 2021, but the file association does not carry over to LayOut. In these cases, any existing Layout files will associate themselves wih, and open with, earlier versions of LayOut (the most recent earlier version installed…in your case possibly 2017?)

In these cases, LayOut 2021 isnt even available as an option when right-clicking an existing LayOut file. To open a file in LayOut 2021 you have to launch it from the Start Menu then choose File > Open, or drag & drop into the open LayOut app.

Uninstalling earlier versions may fix it??
In my case, if I right-click on any LO file I see options in the window shell context menu to open it with Layout 2018, 2019, or 2020… but not 2021. I dont even have 2018 or 2019 installed.

I suspect some sort of registry cleanup is probably in order but there’s definitely someting odd about 2021 install, particularly the current build (after .1.279).

Thank you so much! I appreciate your detailed thoughts on this and gives me a lot to try next time this happens.

Okay thanks Dave! Appreciate the feedback.