LAYOUT issue!

Message is:
This file is version: 2020
If you save it with the current version, the file may be partially incompatible or unable to load in a previous version of LayOut.

Then when I open the file there is a yellow triangle and I can’t change anything in scenes/ scale. I use SKetchup 2023 but I saved it under 2020 for my assistant to be able to use it with his version and now we are facing these issues. Please can someone help me…

The yellow triangles mean that the viewports aren’t updated with the latest changes made on the sketchup file. The first warning you get when you open it is just to let you know that if you save it using a recent file version you won’t be able to open it on previous layout versions, so make sure that when you save the file do it as version 2020 or lower.

You must share the file if you want to receive any help from forum members, with the other issues you’re having, with a description we could just try to guess for hours until we can solve your issue.

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Hi Francisquo,

Thank you for the reply. I have tried doing what you said and it still does not work.

I tried saving with different years (2020 for both files Sketchup and Layout) then 2019 for Sketchup and 2020 for Layout, nothing seems to works. I can’t load my model it says it is too big, how can I do? Thank you very much.

Use wetransfer, Dropbox, google drive or any other platform you prefer to upload the files and share the link. Make sure you give access to anyone with the link if you use google drive or Dropbox.