Updating extensions

I use some of Fredo’s excellent extensions. I have a popup that advises me that some are out of date (at least I think that’s what those in red mean). What is the simplest way to update them?

Do you have the Sketchucation Extension Store installed? Did you use it to install Fredo’s extensions? If so, it would give you an option to update any that need updating automatically with a few clicks.

This shows I have one extension that needs updating.

Since there’s only one, it would be updated by clicking on the red button at the right. If there were several neededing updating, there’s be an Update All button.

Interesting question! I MAY have had it in a previous version but not now. Should I get it again?

Also, I thought I had answered my own question by clicking on the Manage tab in EM. That doesn’t show any need to update the Fredo extensions. Another extension does show as needing to be updated but it won’t let me as it says I need to be signed in. Whatever that means in this context.

I think it’s a good idea if you are using extensions from Sketchucation such as those by Fredo6. If you don’t use it to install extensions from there, however, it won’t track those extensions for updates.

The Extension Manager only looks at extensions from the Extension Warehouse.

You evidently aren’t signed into your account with Trimble. Click on the head and sign in. That won’t fix the Fredo extensions but should let you fix Edge Tools.

So what do you do if neither EM nor Sketchucation will update the extensions?

Yes, that did work.

You can still install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool and access the extensions through it to update them. You’ll have to do it one at a time, however. Once you’ve done that, when they need updating in the future, you’ll be able to do it much more easily.

For extensions from Sketchucation, the best thing to do is install the SCF Extension Store extension first. Then use it to install extensions from there like you’d use the Extension Warehouse from Trimble. The SCF Extension Store will keep track of them so when they need updating, it’ll make it easier to update them. It also makes it easier to install your extensions in a new SU version or on a new computer. Just click on the Install bundle button.

OK I went ahead and did that. Will there be a conflict with EM if I don’t delete things there?

No. No conflicts with the Extension Manager.

So all good then. Presumably next time I fire up SU and the Fredo box pops up, it should show relevant extensions in green?

Yes. Unless Fredo has made new updates. Of all the extension authors he seems to update his extensions the most frequently. Also, you could just open the SCF Extension Store and look to see if there are updates. Of course if you’d used it to install other extensions such as those by TIG, the SCF Extension Store would track those for updates, too.

I suppose you could reinstall extensions you have from there and build your bundle. It would take a few minutes to go through and get them all but it could be done. Might be some that get updated in the process.