Updated to sketchup 2019 and something isn't right

I have updated to sketchup 2019 and now on the home landing page where it allows me to choose my template, it allows me to see my models I have created, but when i click on one, the page is blank and I can’t do anything including draw, measure, orbit, etc. It is almost like the file is frozen.

Here is when i click on any of the recent files:

Thanks for the help here!


Here is the start page and what I see.

What is your Graphic Card? 16gb doesn’t mean anything.
Go to Window/Preferences/openGl and untick Use fast feedback and see if that makes it show up.

That did it, Thank you!

That means your graphic card isn’t really up to running sketchup. You should see if there is an updated graphic driver for your card.

Looking into that now.