Update Sketchup Pro

Hello, I have never tried to update my Sketchup Pro. It was recommended that I update upon downloading a sketchup file from someone with a newer update level. I went to the website as directed but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to download the update.

Do you have a current subscription? If so you shuold be able to dlownload 2024 from this page: Download All | SketchUp | SketchUp

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I see " [SketchUp 2024 Windows 64 Bit" Is that the file to download. I have the Pro Version.

indeed it is.

it will install a separate version, 24, in addition to the 22 you already have. meaning you’ll have to reinstall your extensions and personal things there. But you don’t have to uninstall 22 immediately, wait to see if it’s all ok, all your tools, if your machine is 100% fine with the new tech…


I tried to install. I got the message to close Sketchup. I do not have sketchup running. I restarted my computer to make sure nothing else was open and running while I installed the update. I still got the same message.

Try powering the computer completely off and then back on before installing SketchUp 2024. AND when you install, right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator.

Thanks for your help. I will try this as you recommend

Not sure how it works on Windows OS, but I have to manually migrate my templates, components, scrapbooks, etc…