SKetchup Pro 2022 or 2024 upgrade

Hello Everyone! I have a sketchup Pro plan but was wondering if Sketchup 2024 was the updated version of 2022 Pro? Am I getting all the same features as the pro version with the new 2024 upgrade?

I’m not sure if I am using the correct download.

You can get the latest installer here:

It is not the same as SketchUp 2022. Each major version installs as a separate program. Your profile is not filled out correctly but I’m guessing you are using Windows. Right click on the installer after downloading it and choose Run as administrator.

You’ll have the same features as 2022 plus additional ones. Read the release notes to see what updates. Evidently you skipped the SketchUp 2023 updates so you should read those release notes, too.

Thank you!