SketchUp Pro 2024?`

When can we expect the new version for 2024? If we renew our subscription even though it is still showing 2023 as the Current version will we get upgrades to 2024?

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2024 has not released, yet. If you have a current subscription, you will get an option to get the new version, once it releases.

Hi, I just purchased a PRO subscription thinking it was 2024 but I only get the option to download 2022 so I’m using 2024 desktop ( not PRO ). If I use 2024 deskop I get import complaints to 2022 PRO ( incompatible ). Isn’t PRO the most advanced and therefore should be 2024 version? When do I get this?

I note the original poster cites a 2023 pro version ( not explicitly but because we are in a a sketchup pro 2024 discussion thread I assume they mean PRO 2023 ). I don’t see this either available for download. Which version should I be using ?

in 2023 they stopped calling it Pro. it’s just sketchup now.
Pro is the subscription model.

you have 3 subscriptions, Go, Pro and Studio.
and you have 3 products, sketchup, sketchup for ipad, sketchup for web.

uh ?
there is no versioning in sketchup since 2021, so opening a 22 fils on 24 or the opposite works fine.
the only thing I can think of is that if you open a 24 file in 22, Sketchup will tell you that you might loose more recent things, like ambiant occlusion or snaps.

I have seen this statement several times recently. It is not completely false, but…So for clarity: :wink:

Actually, there are versioning.

However, as of version 2021, newer versions of files can be opened in older versions of Sketchup.

However, when you open the file, you will receive a warning that the file was created with an older or newer version of Sketchup, so it may be a “loss” if you save it to the current version.
(No one has ever specified what kind of “loss” it is, and the warning appears even if there will not be any “loss” in reality, because the warning algorithm only examines the version of the file and not the content.)

The files from the older version have always been and will be(?) openable in the newer version of Sketchup.

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yeah, it’s a “simplification” lie. it used to be a “I could explain everything but I don’t think it matters” lie but we simplified the name :slight_smile:
most people have no idea how to do what you did in the first place :wink:

please don’t tempt fate :sweat_smile:


I have sketchup PRO 2022 installed and now I have Sketchup 2024 installed ( not Pro ). The PRO version appears to have different features. For example PRO instantly works out the volume of a solid but it’s greyed out in 2024. I need this so I’m using 2022 PRO. There are talks in the forums of a 2024 PRO release which has not yet manifest. So I’m still confused. Does PRO unlock these features

Both show volume in your screenshot, neither are editable regardless of the background colour of the text box.

ok, I’ll quote myself

just like I said in my previous message.
there is no “pro” features to unlock, sketchup 2024 is sketchup pro.

the PRO denomination stopped being relevant in 2018. before, there was PRO vs MAKE, both desktop interfaces, and since 2018 it’s PRO on the desktop and a WEB one. so no need to name them, we can’t mistake them.

there has been a change of interface last year, that’s why you see small differences.
and as Box said, both softwares in your image show the volume. one in grey, one in black.

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SketchUp Pro is the name of the subscription.

The software is no longer called SketchUp Pro 203 etc
It’s now referred to as “Sketchup for Desktop”

Both screenshots here are showing the same thing, however 2024 has a slightly newer interface so looks slightly differently

We have to be sensitive to people who are differently abled, I imagine it is hard to read posts through a letterbox.

I’m sure he takes off the armour at least once a day still… :upside_down_face:
(yes, I know who Ned Kelly was, I’ve seen a couple movies. :nerd_face: )

I just started using sketchup in the last few days. It’s a fairly accurate analogy to conclude that I am currently “differently abled” through my narrow aperture letter box view of the tool :smile:. If it’s ok with you seasoned professionals to kindly offer your time to allow my navigation to mature it could end up being fun to use sketchup and enjoy the forums too. Cheers for the advice.

Turns out the reason 2024 ( in my early venture ) didn’t show volume was because I was using a template where the measurement resolution was in meters cubed and round to a full indice. I have since altered to use mm cubed and a few decimal points. All is revealed…

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