Buying Sketchup in January 2024

Hi, I’m planning to purchase SketchUp Pro around this week in 2024, as i’m in the process of establishing a new architecture office. curious if I buy it now, will I be eligible for a free update when a new version of SketchUp Pro is released later?

I understand that it might not be the ideal time to make the purchase knowing that a new version might be released soon, but I need to get the office up and running as quickly as possible. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice from all of you.

Many thanks.

Yes. As long as it occurs within the next 364 days after you purchase the subscription. History shows that thee next version of SketchUp is likely to come in the first quarter of 2024.

It’s as good a time as any.

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Licenses are not sold, but you pay for a subscription. When you pay for a year you get access to all updates and versions that are released in that year. If you subscribe today you will be able to run any versions that release in the next 365 days.

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Thank you for the information!

Got it, thanks for clarifying, appreciate the information!

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You’re not able to use only the current version and the future releases and updates with your subscription, you can use any supported version, that means that you can use the 2022 and not for so long the 2021 version, because Trimble supports just the current version and the two previous ones, when SketchUp 2024 is released the las version supported will be SketchUp 2022, some people prefer to stay with previous versions for some time before jumping to the newest release or even have both versions installed and migrate slowly.

Just to clarify, after SketchUp 2024 is released, does it mean that any models in the 3D Warehouse won’t support the SketchUp 2021 format at the same time?

As far as we can guess, the file format for version 2024 will still be the same as for version 2021, but at some point the built-in Warehouse browser in v.2021 will stop working, and you have to download models via your standard web browser.

You may want to consider investing in Sketcup Studio as it ships with Vray, Revit Importer and supports Laser Scan files in case you’re doing Scan to Model projects. (a tad bit expensive than the pro licenses)
Depends on what projects you have tho… :slight_smile: