Should I wait for Sketchup 2024?

If i buy now a 2023 sketch up plan would I have to repurchase again to get the 2024 version?, I want to wait if there’s no option to automatically switch versions, specially due to the fact that Sonoma is not supported by Sketchup 2023.

If the subscription can upgrade me to 2024 free of charge, I can deal with the issues as it is a matter of days until the release.

The Subscription covers a 12 month period from date of purchase. Any versions released during your subscription period are included. Buy now install 2023 and install 2024 when released.

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You can use the latest version of SketchUp when you have a SketchUp Pro or Studio subscription. If you got that now it would be SketchUp 2023, and as that gets updated you can download and use the updated version, without having to do anything to your subscription.

How many days will it be released?

we don’t know, those who do are not allowed to tell you.

My money is on the 1st of April, that way, when people get the email, they’ll all think it’s a joke and the servers won’t be overworked.


I guess it will drop this week so its still in Q1 of 2024 so maybe Tuesday or Wednesday?

A sign in a bar “Free beer tomorrow”.

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How do we get on the beta program for SKP?

Apparently you have to perform a 3 min song and dance about how sketchup is so great and how your life has changed since using it.

it used to be about sacrificing a goat, but they had to adapt to all those young’uns with their tik-toking.

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uhm… any serious answers here?

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Probably by invitation.

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For reasons I can’t yet explain, it may be some time before we next add people to the beta program. I will pass on your details so that when that happens someone can get in touch.

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Ok thanks. I come from a devops background so that kind of stuff is right up my alley.

Thankss that solved all my doubts

I use the free version of sketchup and it seems to work fine with Sonoma, although I am not sure what version I am getting with the free option.

The only free version offered is called SketchUp Free which is offered for hobbyist use. It runs in your internet browser.