Downloaded 2023 SKU but says I have 31 days left in trial?

Hi guys, I downloaded the 2023 version of SKU and I was able to access the warehouse , which is great.

But, it says I have 31 days left in TRIAL? Did I do something wrong here??



Lucky you. Maybe just a timing thing.

BTW, I’ve never seen so many redundant tools in SketchUp. Is that the way you want it?

ha ha yeah may need to clean that tool section up :slight_smile:


Have you got an active subscription?

Is it assigned the correct email?

Are you signed into SketchUp with that same email?

Hello, yes I have an active subscription and been a member for a long time. I always use my same email address which is (EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED)

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you


Please delete the email addy,spam bots.

Hi Dave, not sure what you mean ?


Remove your email address from the post from an hour ago. Spam bots love this type of information,

You mean from my email I sent to you? Not sure how I can do that after I already sent it.


If I already have an active license which I do for sketchup pro 2021, so I have to pay extra for 2023 pro? This is weird to me as when I updated from SKU pro 2018 to SKU pro 2021 am I am sure there was no charge. I cannot remember now?

I thought a person just updated to the new version if you wanted to.

I sent an email to support and they said they did not even have my email I always use so they could not look into this?

This seems rather confusing.


Do you have a permanent license for sketchup 2021? Did you get a serial number to activate it? If so, that license won’t work for sketchup 2023, and you can’t upgrade anymore since there aren’t permanent licenses for sketchup 2023. If you have a subscription license active, you should be able to use sketchup 2023 without paying anything extra, just sign in your sketchup account and use it. Maybe @colin could check what kind of license you have.

When you bought your SketchUp license 4 1/2 years ago, you kept maintenance and support going, for as long as that was an option for you. That meant you were entitled to the upgrades to 2019, 2020, and 2021, without paying more money.

2022 and 2023 have only been available as subscription versions. Your 2021 license will still be working, but unless you get a Pro subscription, you will see the trial message until it runs out, and then SketchUp won’t work for you.

I did search for you yesterday, and only found the Free and Trial versions, but, there is a different place I can search, that shows Classic licenses. I found your licenses there.

That’s great Colin thank you for clarifying all this for me :slight_smile:
I will get that subscription now .