Can't download SU 2023 and Licensing problems


I’ve just had a call from a licensor who tells me that he is getting a message to tell him that he only has 31 days left in a trial. I thought it might be solved by downloading SU 2023, so I got him to download it from The problem is that the software being downloaded is SU 2022…

Below is a screenshot of what my customer sees.

That message does not have anything to do with the trial message. It simply says that specific file iis detected to be open in another app (SketchUp 2022? Or a sync app)

If he has bought a subscription, he needs to go to (in a browser) and check the Member section to see wich product is assigned to which email.
If the email he is using in SketchUp hasn’t got Pro, he needs to assign it via the three dots and the end.

After any changes, sign out in SketchUp itself and back in.

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The file is saved to a network drive and another ‘user’ on the network is using it.

That could be another person or it could be another piece of software.
Saving to a network drive is asking for trouble - if this happens when you are trying to save , things can go wrong.

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Thanks Mike.

Actually I should have clarified I’m not worried about the file message. All I was concerned about was the message on the top left regarding the 31 days of trial left.

Anyway I’ll get back to the customer with your advice.

The other thing is…

Just to try it I went to download SU from the products section.
The download file was v 2022 not 2023.

Thanks Adam.

Good advice.