Download Link for SU 2023 connects to SU Studio instead

The LINK on the SU Website download page for SU 2023 gives you Studio instead of SU 2023.

SU2023 is part of the SketchUp Studio subscription.

Which link exactly?

That is correct, when you start the installer you will have a choice of offerings. It is at that point you can choose the Sketchup option and ignore the rest. It is a universal installer.

It would make better sense to name the download file SketchUp Universal Installer instead of SketchUp Studio.

DId you click on the link that explains how to Install and Activate SketchUp?

I went to the SU site to reinstall SU 2023. I clicked on the link that said -
Download for Sketchup Pro 2023 for Windows.

When I clicked that link - I instead downloaded a file called -
Not what I expected - since I had no interest in Studio?

If Sketchup has decided to use a Universal Installer for all its products - you might want to name the file that is downloaded more clearly.

When you are expecting to download SU 2023 - and you click on that link - you would typically expect the file you are provided to be named SU 2023.

When you open the provided Studio link - you have to uncheck options to get what you desired - a clean install of SU 2023 only.

Just a thought…

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Your thoughts completely make sense! I was just wondering if the links from your screen shot addressed the issue you mentioned.

I will pass this along, though!

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