Upgrading to 2023, with the annual excitement and dread

I have been using SU since 2015, professionally, and I still fumble through the update process. Takes (me) a long time, I often feel like I’m not doing it right, or that there is a better way to deal with desktop, settings, plug-ins, etc. So I put it off for months so not as to get into a hole when I need to be, ahem, modeling.
Anyone interested in putting up a rock-solid, bullet-pointed walkthrough of the process?

Tease me if you like; I just want it to feel straight-forward.

Not really a thorough step by step but what i did was >

  • save shortcuts and settings to their own file through the preferences menu.
  • Take screenshots of my extensions page, toolbar layout and tray layout (In hindsight, it may be worth finding and downloading the extensions from the warehouse through a browser to make reinstalling these easier.
  • upgrade to S 2023 through the new installer.

(optional step, i did this)

  • Go back to using S2022 due to bugs and other issues in '23.
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Something I did the last time I updated was change the name of the sketchup 2022 to 2023, then when I installed the newer version I got a message saying that SU 2023 was already on the folder, I chose to replace it, and when I opened all my shortcuts were already assigned, then I used the sketchucation plugin to download all the plug-ins I had installed on the 2022 version at once. It was the easiest updated in my life.

If you install SketchUp correctly all of the keyboard shortcuts will be picked up from the previous version without those gymnastics.

Maybe I did that right.