Cannot install 2022 and 2023 on same computer

I just did a reinstall of Windows - and then reinstalled my subscription SU 2022 (I prefer it over 2023). I then attempted to install SU 2023 on the same machine (I prefer Layout 2023). It says I have maxed my account. I followed the instructions and deauthorized everything. Tried again - same results. What do I need to do - to install both 2022 and 2023 on my computer? On a side note - is there anything I can do to avoid the sign in process - it requires me to login about every 4 time I start SU?

Each version of SketchUp you sign in under counts against your total. Check if you have 2019, 2020, or 2021 installed, and if you are still signed in on any of those.

If you are using two computers, both of which you are in 2022 for SketchUp and 2023 for LayOut, that would be 4 activations.


Thanks for your response. I only use my desktop computer for SU - so the programs are only installed on it. I deactivated everything - so that should have taken care of any rogues installs from the past. I also reinstalled Windows from scratch - so nothing SU was on my computer when I reinstalled SU again.

I have only installed SU 2022 and SU 2023 “fresh”. I want to use SU 2022 and Layout 2023 (which is a part of SU2023-right?).

How many activations come with my annual subscription? How many will I use to have both 2022 AND 2023 installed?

Is it legal to do the above? If yes - what do I need to do to make it work?

FYI - FOR SOME REASON - my account page shows a half dozen old trial versions of SU. Is there any way to clear those out?


2 and 2 as well.

yes it is. eventually you might have to go to your account, in your product section, you can deauthorize all devices (it’ll log everything out and free your 2 activation

So - why will it not let me do it?

After deauthorize all devices. In the first window when you open SketchUp, you should log out first, then login again.