Re installing SU 2023


I got to a point of frustration with Bug Splats on SU 2023 today, far too many to count since install, that I decided to uninstall 2023, then I thought I should remove 2022 and 2021 to start fresh with a clean install of 2023.
Uninstalling 23 and 22 was fine but 21 won’t budge, any ideas why? When I try to uninstall a message appears saying that a newer version is already installed on this machine. After a few tries I gave up and opened 2021 with the intention of agreeing to the update message to 2023 and install, but when I try to this a similar message appears again but this time saying that a newer version of 2023 is already installed on this machine!
What do I need to do here? I appreciate I’ve probably messed up here but I desperately need to get 2023 up and running again as I use it for work.
Any help would be very appreciated, thank you all.

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