Update from 23.0.419 64-bit to 23.1.329 stuck at infinity% complete

Hi there,

The update inside sketchup pro appears to be stuck at “Infinity% complete” and nothing happens.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Have you tried to cancel and download again?

Yes. Tried that. Also tried closing down Sketchup and retried.


Restart your computer.
Download the installer file from here: https://www.sketchup.com/download/all
When downloaded, right click on the downloaded installer file and chose, Run as administrator.
Follow the instruction.

Also check that there are no unfinished Windows updates going on.

Various colleagues are checking into this, but for now you could download the installer and run that, instead of using the built in update feature.

Thank you Colin. Would using the installer mean my settings are lost or would it function as a normal in-version update?

All the automatic updater does is download and then run the installer. The end result will be that your 2023 settings will still be intact.

If you really are updating from 2022 to the newest 2023, then you’re going to have to do the usual migration steps to get extensions and your panel layout back to how it is in 2022.

Don’t uninstall 2022 until you are sure 2023 does everything you need.

Thank you, I will update from 23 to 23 so should be fine. Will give it a go after the weekend.

Downloaded the complete installer from the website and ran it, everything ok again. Oddly, I did notice the initial updater did indeed download the installer and put the file in my download folder, it just didn’t do anything with it.

Thanks for that information. Knowing that may help my colleagues figure out the issue.

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