Update notifications

I have SU 2017 and every so often get an update notification.
Is this for updating to 2018, or is it necessary for me to occasionally update my 2017 64bit windows SU?

Hi Billy: Our newest version, Pro 2018, was released in November so you’re mostly likely seeing notifications from that. You can upgrade if you like, or you can continue to use the 2017 version. You can check the status of your license and upgrade options here: https://www.sketchup.com/license/renew

Thank you Caroline,
That’s kind of what I thought - just didn’t want to miss updates for 2017?
Although the options were install, uninstall, or repair, I hit repair.
Thanks again

I don’t think there has ever been an update to a SketchUp version once another major version has been released. You can turn of update notifications in SU 2017 from Window > Preferences > General if it bothers you. That said SU 2018 has some quite neat features, like filled section cuts.

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Thank you eneroth3

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