New version of Sketchup Available for download

How can i install a new version of sketchup without spending loads of time rearranging and resetting all my prefrences to the way i want ? how do i get a seamless upgrade?

im using 2017 and i have never recovered form the upgrade from 2016. any idea?


Do you already have SU2017 installed and set up? If so, downloading and installing the latest version (which is a maintenance release) won’t change anything about your setup.

If you talking about the switch from SU2016 to SU2017, here’s the way I make that kind of change. It’s easy and painless.

yes i do have 2017 setup. but why can the dialog say maintenance release?

Any visible new features in the latest maintenance release for 2017 Pro?

Like what? Maintenance releases rarely every contain new tools. They are specifically for maintenance updates.

The release notes are available so you can see what has changed.

I think what others are saying is: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
In other words if you are getting the results you want without drama, ignore the update. The difference between an Update and an upgrade is that updates usually just fix a few issues the developer has detected. An Upgrade however is a whole new version, something you usually pay for.

Hope this helps.

And I disagree with this idea. Sooner or later the user is going to run into one of the issues that the update fixed.

I have lost count of the number of threads (I’ve been involved with) where the poster asks about an issue that a MR has already fixed, but they have neglected to update.

With SketchUp, it is always best to run the latest release, unless a hardware or some other OS issue causes instability. This happens rarely and a user can always “walk it back” if they’ve kept the previous MR’s installer (which I recommend.)

Or one it broke.
How many have you seen that are error free. I can not remember 1 but I am sure some poster can come up with some thing.

I had a hint starting a new file that an update is available.
I ignored it first time, because it didn’t show a release number or a release date as usual in updates or upgrates in other software.
Even in the download center there is no hint of the release date to compare with my version. :cry:

This is because the information is on the Release Notes page (where it belongs.)

Anyone who has installed more than one version of SketchUp should have likely bookmarked this page by now.

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