New version SU 2017


I have just been told there is a new version of SU 2017 which I went ahead and downloaded. But I have not installed it over the last version yet. It dawned on me that I might have all the pain of upgrading all over again after having been through all that recently going from SU 2016 to SU 2017. Will that happen? Do I need the new version?


read the release notes, it is primarily for mac’s…

maintenance releases do not modify or move any User content or settings…

version changes start fresh [with the exceptions of copying shortcuts on a mac]…



Thanks. I am on a Mac so it’s obviously for me then. Not sure from what you say if it is a maintenance release or a version change but I guess it is the former? Reading release notes sounds like a good idea but I am not sure how to get back to the right webpage now.


Yes, it is the M1 maintenance release. It fixes a relatively short list of issues. And, as John says, installing it won’t require you to redo any customizations, extensions, etc.



Thanks for the info; I had the same question when I went to the download page and saw that I was apparently being asked to download the same version I downloaded two weeks ago. Even the download filename is the same.

Might be helpful to have the release number on the download page, instead of just “Sketchup 2017.” Or at least a link to that information.


I’have just made the uptade but they dont fix the antialiasing issue… :frowning: SU2015 and 2016 stay much better…


No. That wasn’t included in this maintenance release.

From the release notes:

(Win) Fixed a crash that could occur on startup on some machines.
(Win) Fixed an issue in which UI::Notifications didn’t appear within localized builds of SketchUp.
(Win) Added Chromium Developer Tools.
(Mac) Fixed an issue in which SketchUp could not be launched due to an OpenGL error on some machines.
(Mac) Fixed an issue in which layers were not sorting correctly when sorting by visibility in the Layers dialog.


ok thanks for this information