SketchUp 2017 M2 Released

We have just released SketchUp 2017 Maintenance Release 2

17.2.2555 (Win 64-bit)
17.2.2554 (Mac 64-bit)

To see all the fixes & changes, check out the RELEASE NOTES



Hi Chris. Is the 2016 version going to get other maintenance releases? LayOut 2016 had a nasty dimension-related bug which the first maintenance release didn’t seem to fix. The strange thing is, I’m trying to re-produce the bug at the moment and it doesn’t come up.

Maintenance releases really only apply to the most current version of SketchUp. There has been an exception in the past but as I remember it, it had to do with a security fix.


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From the Release Notes:

Improved Checkup’s messaging for graphics cards that report inaccurate memory information.

Halleluja! Will hopefully shorten (going forward) the innumerable forum threads where this has been an issue.