Sketchup 2017 Patch released?


Just started Layout 2017 after being away for a week and getting told there is a new version avialable for download - have they just released an update / patch?

Yes, and this is the second update to 2017 that I’ve seen.

thx Jim, be nice if I could find some release notes

That’s exactly right, and it would also be nice if they were to indicate which build version is available in the Downloads site.


SketchUp Release Notes

might not be up-to-date within some hours after a release.

Am I understanding this correctly, has SU2017 Maintenance Release 2 been released? Again my SU/LO (SU2017m1 this time, SU2017 initial release first time) isn’t reporting a newer version when starting up or going the the “check for update” selection.

yup, still shows the info for SU2017MR1

Correct, @Julian_Smith. there has not been a second maintenance release yet. The latest pro release is

If we get SU 2017, say next week, do we get the updated version or do we have to update the original one?

you always get the current version from the SU download site…

the maintenance release is the current version…


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