Do release notes precede a release?

I just started Sketchup and was notified of a newer version. I’m running Sketchup 2017 Make.

I went here, looking for release notes but can’t find any information. Is this the correct location where release notes are posted? Maybe I just need to be more patient…

What release notes are you looking for?
If you click back one level you get the current release notes for 2019.2.
You have gone to Home/Sketchup/Release Notes/Older Release Notes
Click the one that says Release Notes if that is what you want.

I’m running V 17.2.2555 64-bit on Windows.

So I’m looking for the release notes to what ever version Sketchup says is newer (to 2017). I’d like to see what was changed before accepting the update.

The newer version it is telling you is available is 2019.2.
But if you are wanting to continue with a free version, 2017 make is the last one.

Well that’s kinda funny then. The 2019.2 notes say it was released July 18th, 2019, ten or so days ago. I’ve restarted my good old 2017 version probably close to a hundred times in that amount of time and several times today too. Wonder why today Sketchup decided to inform me that I’m behind by a couple of years?

It may be that you have 2017 set not to check for updates in preferences. The new recent release of 2019.2 has been rolled out selectively so it may have just reached your neck of the woods and has shown up because it is set to tell you even if you don’t have Check for Updates ticked in preferences.
Just a guess.

I do indeed have “Allow checking for updates” checked so you’re probably correct that it just took sometime for me to get notified. For a few minutes anyway, I was excited for some awesome bug fixes to my old work horse. Well, back to work…and thanks for letting me down gently…cheers!

Upgrade notifications are always later then the actual release date. It could be to prevent the servers to overload when everybody starts downloading at the same time.

Mind you,

you could have guessed you were behind, since we are now in the year 2019(?)

As long as it is non-commercial, indeed…

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