Release notes for 24.0.553?

Anybody have the notes? Currently it only goes to the 2024 page but doesn’t show notes for the newest update (today I’m assuming).

On the release notes page you have the default one and the update of last month, 24.0.553 (on PC)
Nothing more recent for now

2024.0.1 is not
2024.0.553. It’s strange they would document it up this way. It just makes things more confusing so have 2 version numbers being the same thing.

And it’s also strange SKP asked me to update mine today when I’m fairly sure I already updated it last month…

It all works though so I guess no biggie.

Thanks for the clarification.

24.0.1 is the combo 24.0.553/554
One is pc the other mac.

The 0.1 means it’s still the main branch, and the first public update. We might see 0.2 and 0.3

Some years, there is a version 1. Like 2023.1
It’s a major release, not just fixes.
If it gets a fix update after, it’ll be 24.1.1 and so on


The full version number is longer, for every internal release it goes up one tick, odds are PC, evens are mac.