Should I update?

I have been getting prompts on SU Make 17 to update. I am afraid to as I don’t want bugs to start happening. What is this update?

Yes. You should update. There was a maintenance release some time ago to address a variety of issues. If you want to see what they are, go to the Help files and search for Release Notes.

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v2017 does have more demanding requirements, OpenGL 3 in particular. You can take the update without removing the v2016, and then if anything goes wrong you still have the old version to use.

He says he is getting the Prompt on SU Make 2017, so it is a simple update of what he already has, nothing will appear to change, but it will be the most correct version available.

How do you do that?

Download : SU 2017 Pro/Make

I hope you’re not behind a proxy or else 17 is going to give you problems.

What’s that???

That’s a sort of relay server that sits between you and the wild open internet. Your system sends its network requests to the proxy instead of straight onto the internet. If you are not on a corporate network or haven’t set it up yourself, it is very unlikely you are behind a proxy.

And if you are, you should probably be using SketchUp Pro instead of Make.

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