Make 2017 problems loading

I’m have problems trying to upgrade from make 2015 to make 2017.I would leave it at 2015 but some of the stuff I want to download form the 3d warehouse says i need 2017.
When I try to download 2017 I get this.(see screen shots)
I’m using win7 but have 6gig memory,1 TB drive crossfire Video card,so My system can handle it.I would upgrade Win to 10 but I have driver issues and not updates for My video card. (alienware M17x)

Read the pinned topic by the SketchUp Team, part 5 :

Sketchup 2017 is 64 bit, it will not run on a 32 bit OS

but i have 64 bit OS and computer

Just go to the pinned topic I give above, and follow the link to Microsoft download, and get the C Runtime for 64-bit and then install it manually. Reboot, and try to reinstall SketchUp 2017.

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