Update 2019.2 bucket tool out of order

Hi everyone, In my update 2019.2 for SU. My bucket tool is not working.
Anybody has a idea what’s going on?

You may be experiencing the same thing as me and I too am on a Mac.

I find that the bucket tool often doesn’t work first time. And it is quite often more difficult to choose a material that is right next to the current one than one further away. I know, it doesn’t make sense but there it is. AFAIK, it is only a Mac version glitch. It does work for me eventually but I have to keep plugging away.

Your profile indicates you are using Mac OSX 10.10. 5. Is that still correct?

The appearence of the cursor is frequently changed when you have messaging enabled from other apps (Sonos,Spotify,etc: New song=cursor Wrong )
The Paintbucket is the only tool were I have those artifacts, and sometimes, you can still paint when the cursor is changed to the Select arrow…

Hi Dave, no it is now 10.13.6

Hi Mike, I do not understand what you mean. Can you explain?

Leaves room for guessing, that was my guess.

Try to be more specific. What specific functionality does not work?
Do you use a shortcut to activate the tool or the icon?
What do you see when you click on a color or material, does it turn blue highlighted or not?

How about fixing your profile, then?

You’ve given almost no useful information about what it is you’re seeing. What exactly happens when you try to use the Paint Bucket tool? Does the Colors panel open? What else happens?

Thanks everybody for the help.
It is fixed.