Problems with my paint bucket

Hi, when I want to use the paint bucket a window must open that let me choose any color or material. Since yesterday the window does not open. I need help, I need to work!

First thing to check is to see if you have the ‘auto-activate paint tool’ checked within the preferences menu.

If so, then this tip comes courtesy of john_drivenupthewall, back when he helped me out with this same issue.

I hope it works for you as well,


Thank you very much. Problem solved, but the window a got is different than yours.

Jim’s screenshot is from a Mac, and you seem to be using Windows.


Hi I have the same problem and have got the same window as you , how did you get your bucket window back please?

Hi Anssi
I have the same problem - paint bucket appears and if I use alt is able to pick a colour already in the model and use it but no window with colours materials etc , I am on windows so do not get the auto activate button in preferences - any thoughts?

Try resetting the workspace in Preferences>Workspace.

So simple when you know how! :slight_smile: Thanks Dave !

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i tied reseting as stated and i get nothing