Paint Bucket - Materials DialogBox is not showing

The paint bucket material dialog box is not showing, so I cannot select materials to paint.
I am using Sketchup 2015.
I think, I have closed the Paint Bucket Dialog Box in earlier operation and closed the sketchup 2015.
I found nowhere to remove sketchup 2015, and re-install. I have updated latest version. It just update.
How do I remove Sketchup 2015 and re-install? Or this problem can be solved in any other method?

Do you mean you are clicking the correct things and it still doesn’t appear, or you don’t know how to get it to appear?
It should open by
Keyboard shortcut b
Window menu/Materials
or by clicking the toolbar icon of a paint bucket…
If none of these are working then perhaps you have recently changed your screen setup, added or removed a monitor, and it is opening off screen.
You can try, Window/Preferences/Workspace tab reset workspace.

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I know how to invoke the paint bucket.
It just disappeared and I did not knew what went wrong.
“reset workspace” made the dialog came back.

I think this is also related to my secondary display extension,
as I had welcome screen disappear on SU start-up.
But, should the dialogbox follow the main screen location?


I remember now that you had the startup problem so this is caused by the same thing, you probably had the Paint bucket open on another screen then changed the layout.
But now it should be ok, having reset the workspace means it should understand the layout of your monitors now.
If any others fail to appear you know why and how to fix it now.
The dialogs don’t technically follow the main screen, they should remain where you last used them, which is why it can get lost if you change your monitor setup.

Actually, there were no dialogs/windows on extended display screen.
If it was displayed, I would move it onto the main.
For start-up welcome screen, I wouldn’t know if I didn’t pin up SU to
task-bar, since there were no display of anything. I personally think that
this kind of error should be taken care by SU itself. Otherwise, I would
struggle to find the symptom for a long time.

Thanks again for your help!

It’s your choice to understand it your way.