By paint bucket clicking a colour dialog box does not appear

Hi I am Darek using SU2018pro WIN; since last 2 days when I click “B” paint bucket a colour/material dialogue box does not appear. I am looking really for help.
Thanks in advance

Were you using a second monitor before?

Try Window>Preferences>Workspace>Reset Workspace.

Also, please complete/correct your profile with the Windows OS version and graphics card info.

Thanks Dave for your quick respond. I tried right away but clicking WINDOW>preferences in this moment SketchUp stops like frozen; next moove is CTR+ALT+DELATE and switching of from the task manager; I did it 3 times already.

Yes I am permanently working with my laptop and 27"monitor.

Dave - I work with win10pro, NVIDIA Quadro2100M grafic card.
I am using SU since 18 months starting with SU2017pro and now SU2018pro.

I opened my SU2017pro and I checked - the paint basket and preferences working perfectly.

So the Preferences window doesn’t appear either?

See this:

Unbelievable Dave - it works like you said!!!

I do not know how to thank you Dave?! But THANK YOU

Why is that unbelievable.

My local store delivers beer and whisky. :smiley: :smiley:

You’re quite welcome.

It is a reasonable information, I will be in touch with you. One more time THANK YOU DAVE.

Ahem … naturally a goodly portion of any deliveries will be diverted this way.

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