After update, Paint Bucket doesn't work. Has anyone else seen this?

I updated Sketchup Pro this morning, and now Paint Bucket doesn’t work in my model. Any ideas? Can I revert to the previous version?

Unless you removed 2023 or 2022 they should still be there. All new versions will install without affecting the previous.

Are you able to elaborate a little more on how your paint bucket tool is not working…?

What are your actions up to invoking the bucket tool?

Are you viewing your model in Monochrome or Hidden line mode? Are you trying to paint a group or component with the faces inside already painted? Are you in Color by Tag mode?

Thanks for your response. I think I was in Monochrome mode. I changed the mode and was able to use the paint feature again. Thanks for the help!


It looks like I was in Monochrome mode. I changed the mode, and it is working now. Thanks for responding.