Unwanted segment break created on Push / Pull


I am doing a closet design with shelves and dowel rods and such, which are grouped. When I open up a group and extend a shelf, for instance, Push / Pull is creating a new segment. Don’t want this. Any suggestions?

(img attached).


Upload a skp so we can better see what’s going on.


Thx slbaumgartner for quick response!

I’ve attached skp file I am working with. I would like to push pull shelves, etc. that are grouped without new segments being created.

-Wescloset_model_1.skp (129.1 KB)


The ring around the closet rod is just loose geometry. It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with using Push/Pull on the rod. It looks to me as if you created an outline of where the rods and shelf go through the center divider but you didn’t have the divider open for editing so the intersection lines are loose geometry. Later you made the divider thinner. You’ve done the same thing with the shelf cleat over on the left side. Notice the geometry that remains when you hide the groups.

I took the liberty of redrawing your closet using components. I’m guessing you aren’t planning to make the long closet rod go through the divider so I made it two pieces instead of one.
closet_model_1.skp (113.2 KB)



Didn’t factor that it could be loose geometry. That’s easy fix, thanks.

Also, wow! Thanks for creating the components and sending the Sheet Goods and Components spreadsheets. Can I ask. Is this your own format for generating the sheet or something that can be done by Skp or an extension?



I use the CutList extension by Steve R. It’s available in the Extension Warehouse. Of course it’s only as good as your model. You probably should change your units to either Fractional or Decimal inches, set Precision higher than you have it, and turn off Length Snapping. Or use the Woodworking template instead of the Architectural template.


Cool I’ll check out that extension. Thanks also for the suggestions about my default settings.



Regarding the loose geometry, did you by any chance do an intersect faces with to find where the rod and shelf meet the other parts? Done wrong that could put the intersections loose in the model.


Yes, that is exactly what I did (intersect faces). Could you tell me correct way to delineate junction of parts when intersect lines do not appear?


Using Intersect Faces is supposed to created edges where faces intersect. What is it you really wanted to do?


The key thing to realize is that the results of the intersection always go into whatever context is open for edit at that time. Unless you open the group for edit they will go loose in the model!


Yes, wanted to create those edges, but didn’t factor in that I might need to adjust the length of the objects later. Should probably worry about those cosmetic details after all of the modeling is done.

Thx for feedback, slbaumgartner, will keep in mind.