Unsubscribe for a Refund - Customer Support Form broken

Dear Staff

My subscription has automatically renewed but I will not be requiring Sketchup in the coming year. I am trying to request a refund within the 14 days of the invoice, but the Contact Us form goes to an error page every time I fill it out and submit it.

Please can you confirm my form and request was received? If not, happy to provide further details directly.

My account number is 847628 and I was invoiced on 19 Oct 2020. Invoice number 10047795.

Many thanks

I created a support case for you. You should see and email from me soon.

Hi Colin, tha knyou very much for your prompt response. Look forward to your email.
Many thanks

querido personal, estoy tratando de anular mi suscripcion a sketch up pro, desde su pagina de atencion al cliente no funciona, quisiera anular my suscripcion a sketch up pro y obtener mi reembolso de dinero. la compra fue realizada el 28 de octubre de 2020
aqui dejo los datos de compra, pagada con tarjeta de credito n.
espero pronta respuesta. Gracias

I deleted one of your posts, and removed the credit card details from the other post.

I also created a new support case for you, please look to see if you received an email from me.

Same thing has happened to me and I haven’t heard anything back. Is the form broken? Support is completely MIA.

Hi Colin,

I haven’t received an email yet
Many thanks

Did you see an email from prosupport yesterday morning? I sent it to your Gmail address, check your spam/junk mailbox if you don’t see the message right away.

Customer service have a lot of cases at the moment, it is likely to take a few days before they reply to the email I sent to you.

hola, necesito de manera urgente anular la suscripcion a sketch up pro, y quiero mi reembolso por favor. ya que fue un error haberla activado. muchas gracias y espero pronta respuesta

Hi Colin,
Yes I have received your email , thank you very much for your help. I’ll look forward to the confirmation from customer service saying the refund had been issued.
Many thanks

hola colin, no he recibido el correo electronico todavia.
gracias , jose luis mazza

hola colin, se ha hecho mi reclamo? ya que no he tenido noticias. gracias jose luis

I sent a message to you two days ago, asking for you to reply to confirm which refund you wanted. I needed to make sure that I wasn’t looking at a different account with the same name.

Do you see an email from prosupport@sketchup.com, on Thursday?

hola colin, mi cuenta es joseluis.mazza1@gmail.com, y no he recibido ese e-mail.

I have sent a new message to that email.

Hi Colin,
thank you I have received an email from Sketch Up Support confirming that my refund is being processed,
thanks again for your help

hola colin, recibi correctamente el email , gracias

Continuing the discussion from Unsubscribe for a Refund - Customer Support Form broken:

I received an email on oct 17 ttelling me that my Skp Pro tlicense would be automatically renewed on November 16th unless I decided otherway.
As indicated I went to my account to bring modification to my plan and asked for NOT renewal because I know I will not use Skp Pro anymore due to the lost of my professional activities and lost of the corresponding incomes because of the Coronavirus crisis.
I received an email saying my account has been deleted on oct 20th but the amount of 328.80 € now appears on my credit card showing that my subscription has automatically renewed ! I really cannot afford it . Please help !

I think the form may have failed because of your account being deleted. You may then have directly emailed the support email, and those messages are automatically closed, I suppose to stop people who had support a very long time ago from sending us a new request without their support being verified.

But don’t worry, I found your support request. I have your order details and should be able to set a refund going, even if your Trimble ID has been deleted. Watch out for an email from me.

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We are closed tomorrow and Friday, but a colleague kindly processed the refund today, so it didn’t have to wait until Monday. It still takes some time to process, but at least it’s on its way.