Need to Cancel Subscription But No Real Contact From SketchUp in 6 days!

Our small construction company recently purchased a subscription to SketchUp Pro 6 days ago, and after spending the majority of the morning trying to work with the program, we came to the FIRM decision that SketchUp was not going to be the program for our needs. We immediately requested a cancellation with full refund (14 days is the period stated to request/receive a full refund). Well, 6 days later we have only received the email with the “ticket” info from SketchUp with no other contact in regards to the cancellation request. We have also, searched the SketchUp website for direct contact phone numbers to no avail. So, we are very disappointed in the customer service of this company. If we can not work out the refund in 14 days, we will have to take other means to get refunded. We would very much appreciate a prompt response from SketchUp/Trimble.

Thank you for your time.
Steele Construction

why not use the fully working 30-day trial period for this?

If not already done, try if directly contacting sales helps.

I do see your support message from Sunday night. The customer service queue is somewhat long at the moment, I don’t know when they will get to your request.

The 14 days is the time within you’re due to contact us. We would not refuse a refund if we take until after the 14 days to read your request.

I did add some notes to the request, to save my colleagues some time. You will see an email from me in a moment.


Thank you. We received your email referenced above.