I can't get customer support to contact me back, what do I need to do

I did not receive any notification regarding this renewal. I do understand that my account was not unselected for auto-renew and I was charged. I need to cancel and would like a refund. I should be within the 14 day period. I also sent a note to customer support of the same through the website.

The reason for the cancellation is that we have not been able to make this work for us, ease of use, learning curve, and cost. We’ve found other products that are easier to learn and use. At this time we cannot afford the cost as we are a small business.

Please refund the full $349.00 back to the original payment method.

Please email back your confirmation.
T McKinley

you get 2 emails, a month prior, 10 days prior, then on the day you get an email telling you you just paid, and you have 14 days from that moment.

as is your right. Understand this is weekend though.

this is a community forum, although some employees roam around, the vast majority of us have zero power on this.
using the customer support form is the way to go.

Also, unless you can’t to receive spams for the next 2 generations, you should remove your email from your message.

I removed the email you gave, though it happens not to be a Trimble ID email. Your subscription was under your personal email address, but I found it by searching for the company name.

The subscription shows as expired now, and I can see that a colleague processed a refund for you on May 15th. I’m hoping that the refund had not quite got back to your account when you posted 22 hours ago, and that by now things are looking ok.