Subscription cancellation

I purchased a sketchup shop subscription 4 days ago and immediately regretted it. I’ve been trying to cancel it since the day i purchased it but no one has replied to my ticket. Now the people at Trimble will be going on vacation until December 2nd and by then the 14 day window for a refund will be closed. How do i get in touch with someone to address this?

There were some issues earlier in the week that set us back a bit, and I can see that your case has not been answered yet. I added a link in your case notes to your post here.

If we were incredibly mean about it, from your purchase until December 2nd would still be within the 14 days for refund. But beyond that we can get manager approval for greater than 14 day refunds. I would hope that all cases held up by our shut down week will be handled with consideration.

Although all of the company is shut down, some of us in support will be working through cases that cannot wait. You happen to be near the top of the list, and most likely will be replied to on Monday.

I’m curious to know what was the immediate regret?

edit: I’m pretty sure we treat the 14 days as being from the purchase until the request for a refund. You’re not penalized if we have a delay in getting around to reading the refund request.

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Awesome, thanks for the response. And yeah, “immediate regret” sounded a bit harsh without context. The regret was on my part, not the software. I had been looking for a particular feature that i didn’t find in the free, browser based program so i thought i needed to purchase a subscription. As soon as i did, though, i found the feature in the free version. I also didn’t read the purchase details properly and assumed i was going to pay monthly (even though, in hindsight, it clearly said annual subscription). Ultimately, i will probably subscribe in the future when i become more familiar with the software, but i can’t really justify it at the moment.

Thanks again for your response and i can wait for the refund. I was just concerned the ticket wasn’t seen and it was going to cause issues when everyone was back from vacation.

Thanks again,

That is nice customer service that you listen to your customers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. SketchUp are good about encouraging us to not work on evenings or weekends, we have more than enough to go through during the week! But, it doesn’t stop us from checking in on the forums after hours.