Unstable performance on Chromebook -- keeps crashing

Hi, all.

I love that I could be using SketchUp on my Chromebook. However, every time I try and create a model and import a few items from the warehouse, it crashes. I have created the same model on my old iMac (circa 2009 with El Capitan) and it works fine there. So I know it is not the model itself.

Being new to doing things on a Chromebook, I am not sure what log info might be helpful. If anyone has any ideas on how to diagnose the problem, please let me know and I will happily grab relevant logs or whatever else might be needed. Just needed some advice for how to proceed in the debugging.


Deep and vast terratories , you are on!
Carefull, you must be!
my.sketchup is still in beta, so don’t spend valuable designtime modelling things you might not want to loose.
I don’t think bugsplat reports are produced which you could send to SketchUp, and I am not sure how the SketchUp-team gathers info on these issues.
A lot of 3D Warehouse items cause problems with the normal SketchUp set up, so I guess in a web-browser environment these issues could be exponential.
Best is to test 3D models in a ‘clean’ file

Thanks for the report- we’re definitely interested in hearing more. We have crash logging in place, but it doesn’t always trigger and collect data for all crashing circumstances. Can you tell us anything more about the trouble you had?


I wish I could be more helpful, but all I get is the window in Chrome that say the tab/app has become unresponsive and I need to either wait (which does nothing) or kill it.

This happens very early in my model development. Literally, I will have drawn a circle and then placed an object or two from the Warehouse into it. I know it is not the models doing this because the same models work fine on my Mac.

If you can suggest any sort of method to collect helpful diagnostics I am all ears! It fails on me 100% of the time, so I know I can repeat it! If it helps, I am running a Toshiba 2015 Chromebook2. Thanks!

Some models you might place from 3D Warehouse are actually quite complex. You could get your model into a place where my.SketchUp can’t handle it (runs out of memory) surprisingly fast if you aren’t careful.

Would you be willing to post a link to the models you tried to load from 3D Warehouse?


I too have a chromebook and i found as long as your model isn’t too large or detailed it seems to work ok most of the time. I know this is kind of off topic but i don’t know who to ask about my problem. It won’t let me open my files, it keeps saying “login window blocked by your browser please allow sketchup to show pop up windows” and so i click ok then try again and i get the same message

@markorvll I replied to you in another thread on a few troubleshooting tips. Just to double-check, are you seeing this message after you have successfully logged in?


Yes, but i figured out the problem. in the address bar there are 2 little icons, one said that the site was blocked from using cookies and the other said pop ups were blocked. thank you very much