Online paid SketchUp Shop started crashing


This just started happening today. While working on my drawing SketchUp will drop the connection then all I need to do is click on the refresh in the browser, but any work done is lost. I’ve tried two browsers, hidden all unneeded drawings, checked my video settings and tried on another computer, but still, it crashes.

Thank you for any help

The web version doesn’t need a connection to keep working. What is the symptom that happens that lets you know the connection is lost? When that happens, are other tabs or windows in your browser working ok?

Hi Colin,
this is what happens (it’s a screen shot hope it displays:

It just says an error occurred then I refresh it and it comes back.

I’ve seen a lot of reports about that error in Chrome, even from people who don’t use SketchUp. You could try another browser for now, or try clearing some of the WebGL cache. See guides like this one:

Here is Google’s help article on the Aw, Snap error:

Ok, I just cleared Chrome’s cache, but I did use another browser (MS Edge) and it did the same thing and I don’t use Edge much at all; at this time.
I’ll try Chrome now and see if it still has issues.

Thank you

Alright, I wasn’t on SketchUp more than 5 min and Chrome crashed saying:

I had made some changes and clicked SAVE and it crashed during the save cycle!

Could my Kaspersky Total Security have anything to do with it, but I’ve been using this before without issues.

Thank you

Yes Kaspersky may affect the browser. Double check to ensure Windows Defender is disabled. Two security programs is not a good thing. Try turning Kaspersky off and Defender on, does anything change? Also try Firefox if still having issues.
I have been using Defender with no issues for years. GL

This is a browser crash which could happen due to many reasons. One of them might be the model size.

Hi Kengey,
I am using now a 3rd computer under Chrome. I checked the file size and it was 130MB, but I reduced it to ~111MB. The model is our Masterbath and I made duplicates of the bath (I just removed about 5 leaving 3), but it still crashes when it saves; I just go errors saying error saving file from app.sketchup. Is my file corrupted? Everything was fine a few days ago!

Separate to your current problem, but I think that there are some of our sites that have a 100 MB limit. It would be interesting to see if you’re able to download the model.

If you could download it, would you mind if we all take a look to see why it’s so big?

Hi Colin,
Here’s the file…Hope it loads up
I appreciate the help in finding out what’s going on.

I don’t see the attachment, so I guess it’s just too big. I was trying to layout several examples in one file/drawing to simply do a fly by instead of having to open individual files for a different mock-up is all

If it’s too big to upload here, upload it to a file service like Dropbox and share the link here.

Since I was having too much trouble I deleted the file. I had original copies before this so I re-opened the most recent one and haven’t had any issues. For the future then for online drawing the file must be less than 100MB? However, what do you do if it’s a whole house while I was just working on a shower; I had duplicate copies using the move +ctrl.

Anyway, it’s gone. Thank you all for your input.


I have a pretty good sized house model that is 3.5 Mb, including the framing, interior walls, exterior windows, doors and drywall. No textrures

Ok, so then is it a texture issue? I was working on my drawing with just the one shower model which has tile textures and 3 components with texture. I was adding a fourth component, multiple times, of a pencil tile I created from a separate drawing. As I was adding about the 7th copy I got the oops something went wrong screen.

Is there a right way and wrong way to texture your model so it doesn’t balloon it’s size?
For me this was the reason to use SketchUp so I can mock-up to get a better idea of how it will look.

Thank you