Critical issue - browser crash and missing latest update


My browser tab crashed while waiting for SketchUp. I reopened the tab. Despite saving many, many times, it appears on Trimble Connect that my SketchUp file is very outdated and I may have lost hours of work.

The modification date is recent so there’s something awry.

By the way, out of paranoia this week, I noticed it was stuck on ‘Saving’ for a while so I exported to SketchUp to be safe, and sure enough, the file was outdated.

I’m on OSX 10.14 in Chrome

For the sake of time, I’d appreciate the help.


What is the size of this file? It is probably large, as that would be one explanation for why it appears to be stuck on ‘Saving’. SketchUp will display that message until the entire file has been uploaded to Trimble Connect.

Also, can you expand on what you mean by ‘exported to SketchUp’ ? Do you mean you clicked ‘Download’ and opened the file in the desktop version of SketchUp ?

thank you,

Hi Bugra,

Thanks for replying.

The file size is only 55MB. The other time it was stuck on Saving is when it had one relatively low poly object in it, and the file size was 16MB, so I don’t think that’s the case.

I wrote to customer support in the mean time, and found where I could access the revisions history. When it crashed out, I reopened the tab, and SketchUp reverted to the first version of the file and saved it as a new revision, so it appeared all of my work was gone.

Luckily, the previous revision to that was close enough to being the latest modified version so I saved out a new file and hopefully, it doesn’t happen again.

Most of my work is done in the browser, so this is always a risk, but I think it would be good for SketchUp’s app to save a local session backup or auto-save to disk in cases of crashing, an unexpected offline spike, etc.


Hi Nick,

SketchUp for Web does cache your in-progress work in case of crashing. But as you are experiencing, we can do a better job of helping you handle resolving this recovered work against the canonical model in Trimble Connect. It’s good to hear that the Version History helped you keep going, but we are going to spend some time reproducing this scenario (and others like it). Good idea about having the option to save that cached back-up before you experience a crash: we could also take a closer look at force-setting the resolution of version history.

Would you be open to connecting so I can learn more about how you are managing this problem? (We got your support inquiry, so I have your contact info.).


Hi @Mark,

Thanks for replying. I’ve been battling through some other UX issues so I haven’t had time to respond to this.

It crashed on a single model export to DAE, and multiple times during saves so I’m fairly frustrated :exploding_head: because I can’t do what I need to do even on a primitive level.

I’m happy to connect, feel free to email/tweet if you’d like.

Thank you.

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